New Zealand Journal of Ecology (2011) 35(1): 119- 126

Peter Wardle MSc (Otago), PhD (Cantaur.), FRSNZ, ONZOM. 14 February 1931 – 6 December 2008

Matt McGlone  
Bill Lee  
  1. Landcare Research

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Peter Wardle passed away suddenly on 6 December 2008 while crossing the Waimakariri River with his wife Margaret and friends on a tramping trip. His death marked the end of a scientific career lasting more than 50 years during which he explored, thought, wrote and debated about the plants and vegetation of New Zealand. Part of a gifted generation of natural scientists who took advantage of educational opportunities opening up during the 1950s in New Zealand and overseas, Peter, through his sustained output of scientific, technical, and popular publications, provided insights into the ecology of New Zealand vegetation that have influenced several generations of researchers.