New Zealand Journal of Ecology (2010) 34(2): 262- 264

Habitat use by mice during winter on subantarctic Auckland Island

Short Communication
Grant A. Harper  
  1. Department of Conservation, PO Box 743, Invercargill, New Zealand
  2. Present address: Department of Conservation, Rotoiti Nature Recovery Project, PO Box 55, St Arnaud 7053, New Zealand

Introduced mice were trapped in the three main vegetation types on subantarctic Auckland Island, New Zealand, over three trapping sessions, in winter 2007. Fifty mice were trapped over 675 trap-nights. Mice were caught most often in upland tussock grassland and more often in rata forest than in shrubland but there were no significant differences among the catch rates in these habitats. Upland tussock grassland appeared to have been a better vegetation type for mice, as adult females were trapped only there and mean weight of adult males was heavier there than of adult males from the other vegetation types.