New Zealand Journal of Ecology (1983) 6: 155- 156

The impact of tropical cyclone bernie on the forests of Urewera National Park, North Island, New Zealand

W. B. Shaw  
  1. Department of Biological Sciences, University of Waikato, Private Bag, Hamilton, New Zealand

[This is a resume of a paper read at the Ecological Society Conference, 1982.]

First paragraph:
On 9 and 10 April, 1982 tropical cyclone Bernie swept down the eastern coast of North Island, New Zealand. This severe storm, which had its origins near the equator, caused damage to both exotic and indigenous forests over approximately 30% of North Island. Indigenous forests are known to have suffered damage in the Raukumara Ranges, the Urewera Ranges (including the Waioeka State forest, Urewera National Parkand Whirinaki State Forest), the Kaweka Range, the Kaimanawa Ranges, Tongariro National Park, Egmont National Park, the west Taupo forests and the Waimai-Mamaku forests. Damage also occurred, but on a smaller scale, in the Waikato Basin, on Mayor and Little Barrier Islands and in many small forests adjacent to the areas mentioned above.