Post-graduate research

PhD opportunities - The Biosocial Shaping of Conservation and Biodiversity in Australia's Capital


We are seeking PhD applicants to contribute to an inter-disciplinary and mixed-method collaboration which explores the complex relationship between natural and social systems in various biodiversity conservation domains in the Australian Capital Territory. The four linked PhD projects each have a defined focus on understanding the social dimensions, impacts and implications of biodiversity conservation efforts at local, national and international levels.

The PhD projects are:

PhD project: – Linking spatial movements and social contacts to understand transmission of Tasmanian devil facial tumour disease

I am seeking a highly motivated and qualified candidate for a 3-year PhD program of research commencing in 2019. The project is part of an international, transdisciplinary research program on evolution in the devil—DFTD host—pathogen system involving ecologists, epidemiologists and genomicists at the University of Tasmania, Griffith University, Washington State University and the University of Idaho, funded by a grant from the US National Institute of Health/National Science Foundation.