Statistical Ecology and Environmental Monitoring (SEEM) Conference

The statistical ecology and environmental monitoring (SEEM) conference will be held in Queenstown, New Zealand, Dec 6-8 2017 (  It aims to bring together statisticians and ecologists so that both groups can share their research and learn from each other.


Abstract submission closes 14 July.

Early bird registration until 31 August.


We have an exciting list of keynote and invited speakers:


Prof. Alan Gelfand (Duke University)

Prof. Anthony Ives (University of Wisconsin)



Prof. George Seber (University of Auckland)



Prof. Marti Anderson (Massey University) Prof. Corey Bradshaw (Flinders Adelaide) Prof. Jennifer Hoeting (Colorado State University) Assoc. Prof. Mevin Hooten (Colorado State University) Assoc. Prof. Margie Mayfield (University of Queensland) Assoc. Prof. Daniel Stouffer (University of Canterbury) Dr. Len Thomas (University of St Andrews)


We look forward to seeing you in Queenstown!

Name: Matthew Schofield