Garden Bird Survey 2012

The sixth annual Garden Bird Survey starts on 30 June 2012. Anybody who can identify the common birds in their garden can participate. Simply watch out for birds in your garden for one hour (and just one hour) sometime between 30 June to 8 July, and for each species you encounter, record the largest number you see or hear at any one time. The reason for recording the largest number seen or heard at one time is so that individual birds are not counted twice. For example, if you see one blackbird on your lawn at the start of your count but then it flies away, and later you see a blackbird fly back onto your lawn, the number you record is 1 (the maximum number you saw at one time), not 2. However, if later still you see two blackbirds on your lawn at the same time then you should change your count from 1 to 2.

You don’t have to watch your whole garden, just part of the garden will do. Also, you don’t have to be outside to do the survey. You can do it from the luxury of your kitchen or living room (some people have even done it from their bedroom), looking out the window at part of the garden.
For full instructions, bird identification guides, a printable copy of the survey form, and an online data entry form please visit
By participating in the survey you will help build up a picture of how both native and introduced birds are faring in our gardens over the years. Results from previous years can also be found on the website above.