The invasion of non-native epiphyte Platycerium bifurcatum in Auckland’s urban forest canopy

New Zealand has been subject to extensive plant introductions since the 1840s leading to c. 2700 naturalised plant taxa including 500 serious environmental weeds. To date, non-native plant invasions in New Zealand have not included epiphytic invasions in forest canopies. Numerous records indicate non-mediated naturalisation of individuals of the non-native epiphytic fern Platycerium bifurcatum have been made; further, recent survey work on urban epiphytes identified a number of juveniles across the Auckland isthmus. To investigate the extent of P.

Novel host associations and habitats for Senecio-specialist herbivorous insects in Auckland

We studied the genus- and species-specialist monophagous herbivorous insects of Senecio (Asteraceae) in Auckland, New Zealand. With the exception of the widespread S. hispidulus, the eight native Senecio species in mainland Auckland (two endemic) are typically uncommon and restricted to less modified conservation land. However, 11 naturalised Senecio have established and are often widespread in urban and rural habitats.