interspecific hybridisation aurantiacum

Recovery of a sexual and an apomictic hybrid from crosses between the facultative apomicts Hieracium caespitosum and H. praealtum

Hybridisation is a rare event in facultatively apomictic species. We report the recovery of two hybrids from reciprocal crosses between the facultatively apomictic species Hieracium praealtum and H. caespitosum. Both parents were tetraploid (2n=4x=36). H. caespitosum x H. praealtum (CR6) was a hexaploid (2n=6x=54) and an apomict. The increased ploidy number is evidence of a BIII hybrid origin, having arisen from the fusion of a reduced and an unreduced gamete. In contrast, the hybrid recovered from the reciprocal cross H. praealtum x H.