indigenous species

Species richness of indigenous beetles in restored plant communities on Matiu-Somes Island, Wellington Harbour, New Zealand

Previous studies have shown that indigenous beetle diversity reflects indigenous plant diversity in modified and remnant habitats. This study examines the indigenous: introduced relationship at a locality where degraded pasture has been progressively revegetated. Pitfall traps were used to collect beetles from three revegetated sites of different ages (5, 17 and 100 years) and in a coastal Muehlenbeckia habitat on Matiu- Somes Island (25 ha), Wellington Harbour, New Zealand. A total of 78 morphospecies were found over 12 months.

Customary Management of Indigenous Species—a Maori Perspective

In addressing the issue of customary management of indigenous species, we begin by defining the rights of Maori and the responsibilities of the Crown under Article 2 of the Treaty of Waitangi. We then criticise the status quo by demonstrating what we see as cultural bias in native bird management. This is followed by an outline of the approach we believe is needed to better serve the requirements of the Treaty. We conclude that existing unfair management emphases produce outcomes that are both culturally and ecologically counterproductive.