Diet of the Australasian Gannet Morus serrator (Gr Gray) around New Zealand

Collections of gannet regurgitations at most of New Zealand's gannetries allowed the identification of major components in the gannet diet and an estimate of the total annual consumption of the most important prey species. Major species were pilchard (Sardinops neopilchardus), anchovy (Engraulis australis), saury (Scomberesox saurus), and jack mackerel (Trachurus novaezelandiae).

Seasonal Dispersion and Activity of the Pukeko Porphyrio p. melanotus (Rallidae) in Swamp and Pasture

Numerical and spatial components of dispersion, and the activity of pukeko (Porphyrio p. melanotus) in swamp and pasture in coastal Manawatu, New Zealand, are described. Pukeko are concentrated in few locations during the autumn population peak, but are widely scattered in spring when the population size is minimum. Flocks are consistently larger in pasture than swamp; those of up to ten birds are more frequent in swamp. And those of 25 or more birds more frequent in pasture. In pasture, pukeko distribution and density declines outwards from the edge nearest to water.