Garden study sites needed for bird research project - can you help?

Do you provide sugar-water to birds?
Do you live in Auckland or Dunedin?

We are looking for local gardens in Auckland and Dunedin to be study sites for our Sugar-water Feeder Project!

Feeding birds in backyards is a popular pastime in New Zealand. More and more people are providing sugar water to attract native birds. However, very little is known about how this practice might affect our native birds – does it help them or harm them?

My name is Daria Erastova and I am a PhD student with the School of Biological Sciences studying the influence of sugar-water feeders on native birds in urban Auckland and Dunedin. I am recruiting residential backyard gardens in both cities with existing sugar-water feeders that frequently have birds visiting (e.g. tui, bellbirds and silvereyes). Mind that you can join even if you don’t have a sugar-water feeder! I will be catching and banding birds, and observing the birds at feeders in your garden.
Please get in touch with me ( if you live in Auckland or Dunedin, have established sugar-water feeders in your garden, and are interested in being part of this study. If you would like more information about this project, please visit: