Brown trout (Salmo trutta) in the Hinds River

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This paper deals with data on the ecology of the brown trout collected during two visits to the Hinds River in 1962. Electric fishing and gill netting were used to capture 2,325 brown trout. Brooh. trout (Salvelinus fontinalis), quinnat salmon (Oncorhynchus tschawytcha), Eleotridae, Galaxiidae, Retropinnidae, torrent fish (Cheimarrichthys), and eels were also captured.

Evidence for ecologically significant changes in climate during the post-glacial period in New Zealand: Evidence of climatic change from the vegetation of the North Island

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Since Holloway's paper (1954) on changes in Southland forests, attention has naturally been directed towards the possibility of corresponding evidence in the North Island that might prove or disprove his thesis. Changes are conspicuous and widespread in various types of vegetation; their interpretation however has only produced very tentative evidence in support.