Post-graduate research

Ph.D. Scholarship in Tree Ecophysiology

Scion and University of Waikato Ph.D. Scholarship in Tree Ecophysiology
Deadline: 1st December 2017
Job Description:
Scion and the University of Waikato are seeking a Ph.D student to conduct research focused on how
different Pinus radiata genotypes respond physiologically to different site productivity drivers starting in
early 2018. This research is part of the Growing Confidence in Forestry’s Future program.
The ideal candidate would already have obtained a Master of Science in in tree ecophysiology, forest

PhD Opportunity: Ecosystem Services Networks in Multifunctional Landscapes

Supervisors: Dr Manu Saunders, Dr Romina Rader; University of New England

We are looking for candidates interested in applying for a PhD scholarship through the University of New England, Armidale. Candidates interested in insect ecology, landscape ecology, ecosystem services and environmental modelling are encouraged to apply. Experience with entomological sampling, particularly flying insects, will be highly regarded.

Two PhD opportunities on reintroduction biology

These two exciting PhD projects in reintroduction biology are being offered as part of a Bringing Back Biodiversity ARC Linkage - a research partnership between the ACT Government, ANU and James Cook University.

The projects are:

(1) Reintroduction Biology of Australian Small Mammals: the Eastern Chestnut Mouse (Pseudomys gracilicaudatus), New Holland Mouse (Pseudomys novaehollandiae) and Yellow-footed Antechinus (Antechinus flavipes)

Dating the appearance of the divaricate growth form in the New Zealand flora

I would like to advertise a postgraduate scholarship in plant evolutionary biology. The topic is "Dating the appearance of the divaricate growth form in the New Zealand flora", and is available as either an MSc or a PhD. Overseas students may apply for the PhD scholarship; the MSc scholarship is open only to NZ student. The student will work with an interdisciplinary supervisory team including Chris Lusk of University of Waikato, and Rob Smissen of Landcare Research (Lincoln). The laboratory work will be carried out at Lincoln.

PhD positions in Lake and Terrestrial Paleoecology

Two PhD positions in paleoecology are available in the School of Environment at the University of Auckland. The positions are associated with a project focusing on tipping points in coupled terrestrial and lake systems, funded by the New Zealand’s Biological Heritage National Science Challenge. The research will use cutting-edge methods in palaeoecology and paleolimnology, supported by quantitative modelling, to define how past and present human action in watersheds can drive large changes in terrestrial and lake community composition and trophic state.